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When Baby Makes Three

There are certain events in life that are tailor made for a contract. Buying a home? Get it in writing. Landed a new job with a big fat salary and a comprehensive dental plan? It’s only a reality after you sign your John Hancock. Have a bunch of moola before you get married? Better get… Continue reading When Baby Makes Three

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50 Shades of A Real Mother

The 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy, written by E.L. James, has become a worldwide phenomenon. This series continues to reach unprecedented sales milestones that suggest every man and woman on the planet currently owns a copy.  The craze started for the self-published James thanks to friends telling friends and ebooks – where women could simply… Continue reading 50 Shades of A Real Mother

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Montana Dress Code – Say it Ain’t So

As I was reading the recent publication of the 64th Montana House of Representatives Legislative Session Dress Code, I have to admit, for a moment I thought it was a satire piece straight from the pages of The Onion. Then I realized the truth. This was no joke. I laughed so hard my bonnet nearly fell… Continue reading Montana Dress Code – Say it Ain’t So

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Not Eggs-axctly What the Easter Bunny Had in Mind

An Easter Egg Hunt at the Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo turned from a festive spring holiday event into a hard boiled criminal case when two moms got into a fist fight.  According to witnesses, the fight started when one of the mothers shoved a kid out of the way so her snot-nosed brat could get… Continue reading Not Eggs-axctly What the Easter Bunny Had in Mind

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When Cupid Makes You Stupid

Many people remember the instant it happens.  And nothing is ever the same.  The sun is brighter.  Mr. Bluebird lands on your shoulder because you're just so darned happy.  You've become so annoying that your closest friends are actually plotting Mr. Bluebird's untimely demise. And that’s a sure sign that you are head over heels… Continue reading When Cupid Makes You Stupid

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Sign of the Times

  In all my years, I have never, ever had any incident in a public restroom that prompted me to think that is SO weird; it must be captured on film. But on a recent trip, that’s exactly what happened. I think it’s safe to say that upon entering the stall, a woman’s first and… Continue reading Sign of the Times

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How’d You Find Me?

I'm always curious about how people find my blog.  Do they find the link from my column at the Bozeman Daily Chronicle?  Have they read A Real Mother: stumbling through motherhood?  Found it on Facebook? All good to know, but my all time FAVORITE way (and by far THE  most fun) is to check out… Continue reading How’d You Find Me?

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A Letter to My Hacker

Dear Sir, We haven’t met personally, so normally I would take a moment to introduce myself.  Although I don’t know you, it’s clear you already know me.  In fact, you could say we’re almost like the same person. That’s because you stole my identity, you Cyber Scum. Now I’m racking my brain trying to figure… Continue reading A Letter to My Hacker

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Minor Catastrophes Meets A Real Mother

No, I'm not in the midst of a minor catastrophe (although I do seem to regularly experience them), I'm ON Minor Catastrophes, Megan Regnerus' very funny blog about one mom, two dads, three boys and one very naughty dog.  Megan was kind enough to feature me in her Your Turn profile.  Stop by and say howdy.… Continue reading Minor Catastrophes Meets A Real Mother

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Mommy Needs A Drink – Part Deux

My Friday?  Surgery to fix Older Boy's broken nose.  Check.  Doctor visit to examine Younger Boy's ankle in cast - referral to orthopedic surgeon. Check.  The Husband, who also blew out a calf muscle last week playing basketball with Younger Boy, down for the count with stomach flu. Check. Mommy needs a drink. Only I… Continue reading Mommy Needs A Drink – Part Deux