Jeans for Every Occasion. Seriously.


Ever since Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss invented them in 1873, workhorse blue jeans have been a part of the American landscape.  The advent of Lady Levis put them on the female fashion radar in 1934.  And we’ve had a love affair with all things denim ever since.

Although we adore our brands with a fierce loyalty, women have endured many incarnations of this iconic wardrobe staple.  We’ve paraded around with Gloria Vanderbilt, Calvin Klein and Jordache stamped on our derrieres. I’ve worn things that would warrant the Black Bar of Fashion Don’t Shame to hide my true identity when I donned trendy, less-than-flattering nightmares like jeggings (jean leggings), jorts (jean shorts) or that too-long denim skirt that made me bear an uncanny resemblance to Ma Ingalls.

In 1947, Wrangler introduced the “new jeans for cowboys.” But recently Wrangler made an inventive effort to reach out to the female consumer. And I bet their latest denim development has Jacob and Levi turning over in their graves – Wrangler Spa Denim Jeans – better known as moisturizing jeans. [Read more…]

How’d You Find Me?

I’m always curious about how people find my blog.  Do they find the link from my column at the Bozeman Daily Chronicle?  Have they read A Real Mother: stumbling through motherhood?  Found it on Facebook?

All good to know, but my all time FAVORITE way (and by far THE  most fun) is to check out the search terms people use to find me.  I find myself repeatedly uttering WTF?

These are some of my favorites – exactly as they appeared in the search engine: [Read more…]

To Laugh Or To Cry, That Is The Question

Now that my computer is back, I can return to all manner of er, um research.  Today I stumbled across this on and honestly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  It might be one of THE most bizarre things I’ve ever read or seen (as is evidenced in the video).  And if it wasn’t on CNN, I would have assumed it was just some CG created film.  But I really don’t think so.

This is a story from Indonesia about a smoking toddler.  You read that right.  This is a story about a toddler who smokes around 40 cigarettes per day.

No, I’m not kidding.  See for yourself.

I couldn’t embed the CNN video, but be sure to watch the video on that link too.  The exasperated mother, through a translator, says she just doesn’t know how she’s going to help him quit.

I’m no child rearing expert but I’ve got a little suggestion.  Considering the average 2-year-old is about 34 inches tall, putting his cigs on the top shelf should solve the problem.  While it might piss him off, I’m just guessing he’ll be down to the few he finds on the floor in no time.

Thanks For Clearing That Up

On my last few trips, I’ve noticed that the signage posted for the general public suggests we need more than a little guidance in dealing with our personal affairs. That or we’ve become much more stupid than I ever imagined.

My money’s on stupid.

So it was no real surprise to find this sign over every sink at Disney World:

And I, for one, am thankful they posted this helpful placard. Because I always find executing the handwashing sequence is as complex as, oh, I don’t know, launching the space shuttle.

Maybe next time they’ll hang a sign over the toliet that says Wipe Last.

Don’t be surprised.

Freaky Friday

I wasn’t planning a post today, but this was so incredibly freaky that, well, I just had to write about it.

Inventors over at True Companion have announced the launch of a new robotic sex doll named  RoXXXy.  According to her inventor, who claims to be happily married and never tested the merchandise, this gal is ready for anything. She’s 5’7″, weighs 120 pounds and has a rather strange looking bottom lip.  RoXXXy has five programmable personalities (one of which is not likely “not tonight I have a headache”) and she can talk to you.  And RoXXXy even, get this, snores.  (this feature has an off switch and I’m guessing, since only a man would have invented this thing, that you can shut off her talk feature too) From the picture I couldn’t tell but I’m betting there’s a cup holder somewhere under that skanky lace thing she is wearing.  And all this for only $7000.

The inventor claims that men who have trouble meeting women will be most interested in Foxy RoXXXy.  Ya think?

And ladies, never fear.  True Companion is working on RoXXXy’s male counterpart, Rocky.  I’m betting his snore feature will not having an off switch.



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