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Freaky Friday

I wasn’t planning a post today, but this was so incredibly freaky that, well, I just had to write about it.

Inventors over at True Companion have announced the launch of a new robotic sex doll named  RoXXXy.  According to her inventor, who claims to be happily married and never tested the merchandise, this gal is ready for anything. She’s 5’7″, weighs 120 pounds and has a rather strange looking bottom lip.  RoXXXy has five programmable personalities (one of which is not likely “not tonight I have a headache”) and she can talk to you.  And RoXXXy even, get this, snores.  (this feature has an off switch and I’m guessing, since only a man would have invented this thing, that you can shut off her talk feature too) From the picture I couldn’t tell but I’m betting there’s a cup holder somewhere under that skanky lace thing she is wearing.  And all this for only $7000.

The inventor claims that men who have trouble meeting women will be most interested in Foxy RoXXXy.  Ya think?

And ladies, never fear.  True Companion is working on RoXXXy’s male counterpart, Rocky.  I’m betting his snore feature will not having an off switch.