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Scarred for Life

I was in the privacy of my own home. The shades were drawn. It was the middle of the day.  There was no chance of getting caught. Or so I thought. In my haste, I overlooked one very important detail – locking the back door. I don’t know who was more startled. And I’m not… Continue reading Scarred for Life

a real mother

When Baby Makes Three

There are certain events in life that are tailor made for a contract. Buying a home? Get it in writing. Landed a new job with a big fat salary and a comprehensive dental plan? It’s only a reality after you sign your John Hancock. Have a bunch of moola before you get married? Better get… Continue reading When Baby Makes Three

a real mother

Axe the Axe

      Santa, dear Santa It’s that time of year But you showing up Is now my biggest fear   I’m not being critical Of the stuff that you bring In fact, I’ll tell you It’s only one thing   Santa, you know I don’t mean to be mocking But last time you left… Continue reading Axe the Axe

a real mother

Is A Baby Sister Really Too Much To Ask For?

My youth was idyllic.  My days were drama-free. It was so darned peaceful that Mr. Bluebird occasionally landed on my shoulder to whistle a cheerful tune.  I never heard those words so frequently uttered by Country Squire station wagon driving dads on family roads trips: “DON’T make me pull this car over!” But my childhood… Continue reading Is A Baby Sister Really Too Much To Ask For?

a real mother

The New Rules of the Working Mom Reality

                    Dear Younger Boy and Older Boy, As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve been at your beck and call for the last fourteen years.  I, your faithful indentured servant, have been available 24/7.  No lunch money?  I delivered.  Needed a ride?  I was… Continue reading The New Rules of the Working Mom Reality

a real mother

The Verdict on Junk Food

Trouble was brewing in the cereal aisle. And the one about to incur the wrath was me.  As my ‘tween and teenaged sons stood there, it was clear they were about to make their case with the tenacity of Perry Mason and Atticus Finch.  “See Mom, you were wrong!” Older Boy said shoving the box… Continue reading The Verdict on Junk Food

a real mother

Exaggeration – It’s All in the Family

You never forget the first story you write that gets attention.  At that moment, you fully understand the power of the written word.  You know that your words can move people.  And apparently, your words can also get you in trouble. Because my first memorable writing experience was in second grade.  The teacher told us… Continue reading Exaggeration – It’s All in the Family

a real mother

The Truth About Dating

I thought I’d stumbled upon the Watergate story of the Parenting World, complete with an anonymous source.  But there are no break-ins, wiretaps or tapes.  There are no cloak and dagger-style espionage or late night meetings in semi-dark parking garages where my informant is wearing dark glasses and a trench coat.  It was simply through… Continue reading The Truth About Dating

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Joy in Mudville

  Spring is in the air, the days are longer and the grass is green.  And that means it’s time for the annual rite of passage for parents known as t-ball. This is the time for the 4 to 8 year-old set to learn how to throw, hit and catch.  So I felt duty-bound to… Continue reading Joy in Mudville



his has been an extremely crappy week regarding all things technology. Logging into my computer, I noticed my background was different.  Then a pop-up announces - "Welcome to your new Dell!" Beg pardon? My computer thinks it is new.  I'm confused.  Apparently, so was my computer. I ignore all this and head straight into my… Continue reading Crashing