a real mother

Axe the Axe

      Santa, dear Santa It’s that time of year But you showing up Is now my biggest fear   I’m not being critical Of the stuff that you bring In fact, I’ll tell you It’s only one thing   Santa, you know I don’t mean to be mocking But last time you left… Continue reading Axe the Axe

a real mother

Is A Baby Sister Really Too Much To Ask For?

My youth was idyllic.  My days were drama-free. It was so darned peaceful that Mr. Bluebird occasionally landed on my shoulder to whistle a cheerful tune.  I never heard those words so frequently uttered by Country Squire station wagon driving dads on family roads trips: “DON’T make me pull this car over!” But my childhood… Continue reading Is A Baby Sister Really Too Much To Ask For?

a real mother

Lost – The Home Game

By the time I heard the refrigerator door open for the fifth time in less than a minute, I knew what was next.  Footsteps were heading in my direction, just like clockwork. “Mom,” Older Boy asked, “Where’s the ketchup?” There are only two possible answers to this question at our house – the fridge or… Continue reading Lost – The Home Game

a real mother

The Verdict on Junk Food

Trouble was brewing in the cereal aisle. And the one about to incur the wrath was me.  As my ‘tween and teenaged sons stood there, it was clear they were about to make their case with the tenacity of Perry Mason and Atticus Finch.  “See Mom, you were wrong!” Older Boy said shoving the box… Continue reading The Verdict on Junk Food

a real mother

Summer Time – It’s A Teen’s Life

School's out today.  No more studying for finals, no more tests.  Just a long stretch of summer days. But a lot has changed since the boys were little kids.  For all of us. Because within a few hours, this is what my house will look like: Welcome to the hang-out house.  I love it that… Continue reading Summer Time – It’s A Teen’s Life


Sock it to Me

With the kids finally back to school, the pressing question during the morning rush is "Mom, where are my socks?" One of my house rules is - if you don't put it in the laundry basket, it doesn't get washed. I wash your dirty clothes, I'm not going to look for them too.  I bought plenty… Continue reading Sock it to Me