Coming Clean

As my mother and I watched TV one night in the early 70s, I never suspected that the Flip Wilson Show would change my life. As we tuned in and adjusted the foil-covered rabbit ears, the fuzzy image on screen became clear. It was Helen Reddy belting out I Am Woman, the anthem that encouraged a newly… Continue reading Coming Clean

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Lost – The Home Game

By the time I heard the refrigerator door open for the fifth time in less than a minute, I knew what was next.  Footsteps were heading in my direction, just like clockwork. “Mom,” Older Boy asked, “Where’s the ketchup?” There are only two possible answers to this question at our house – the fridge or… Continue reading Lost – The Home Game

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It’s All In The Planning

Dear Older Boy and Younger Boy, It’s hard to believe you’ll both be in high school next year.  People told me how fast this would happen.  I didn’t believe them.  Folks told me a lot of things back then.  But I’m glad no one offered me this child-rearing statistic – how much it would cost… Continue reading It’s All In The Planning

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Mommy Needs A Drink – Part Deux

My Friday?  Surgery to fix Older Boy's broken nose.  Check.  Doctor visit to examine Younger Boy's ankle in cast - referral to orthopedic surgeon. Check.  The Husband, who also blew out a calf muscle last week playing basketball with Younger Boy, down for the count with stomach flu. Check. Mommy needs a drink. Only I… Continue reading Mommy Needs A Drink – Part Deux


What You See Is Not Always What You Get

After The Husband inadvertently sucked a sock into the vacuum cleaner* and promptly killed the motor, I had to go to Costco to buy a new one. This purchase in no way was based on my cleaning expertise. Trust me, I'm the last person you'd want cleaning advice from.** Nor was this purchase based on my… Continue reading What You See Is Not Always What You Get


How’d I Wake Up Married To An Old Dude?

The Husband is 51 today. Fifty-one.  And that begs the question how did this happen? I have absolutely no idea. After the great ski incident of 1987, we ended up married 6 months later.  Not long after that, we took off on our extended honeymoon in the middle of the South Pacific as Peace Corps Volunteers.   We ARE what… Continue reading How’d I Wake Up Married To An Old Dude?

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Open Season

It's that time of year where Gus transforms into Caddyshack's groundskeeper, Carl Spackler. He wanders the yard mumbling incoherently. And the only thing that will make him happy is greasy, grimy gopher guts.When we got home last night, the gophers looked like they were having a beach party. I fully expected to see tiny beach… Continue reading Open Season