When The Girls Go South

I've been spending time playing with paint, paper and scissors which will play hell with my upcoming deadline. Because Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest aren't big enough Time Sucks in my life. So before I throw myself into a Writing on Deadline Frenzy, here's what I've been working on. It was inspired by a column about… Continue reading When The Girls Go South


Coming Clean

As my mother and I watched TV one¬†night in the early 70s, I never suspected¬†that the Flip Wilson Show would change my life. As we tuned in and adjusted the foil-covered rabbit ears, the fuzzy image on screen became clear. It was Helen Reddy belting out I Am Woman, the anthem that encouraged a newly… Continue reading Coming Clean


And Now For Something Completely Different

Today I'm joining the fun over at Mama Kat's with her writing prompts. I couldn't resist the Craft Time prompt, since it's what I'd like to do more of but for some reason (read: my kids suck the life force out of me) I don't. But, as Julie Andrews sings, these are a few of… Continue reading And Now For Something Completely Different

a real mother

A Woman’s Work is Never Done

  This rather sums it up, don't you think? I made this quilt for the juried exhibition called "Quilts That Tell a Story" at the Museum of the Rockies. It sometimes feels like if you take your eye off the ball in this juggling act called being a mom, wife and working woman - it… Continue reading A Woman’s Work is Never Done