How’d I Wake Up Married To An Old Dude?

The Husband is 51 today. Fifty-one.  And that begs the question how did this happen?

I have absolutely no idea.

After the great ski incident of 1987, we ended up married 6 months later.  Not long after that, we took off on our extended honeymoon in the middle of the South Pacific as Peace Corps Volunteers.


We ARE what to wear in Western Samoa.

Fast forward twenty-two years, twelve moves in five states, two kids and here we are in Montana. But strangely enough it feels like we’re still 28 & 25 like when we first met.

Every now and then, I like to put on my Delusion Goggles and believe we still look like we’re 28 & 25 too.  But, of course I know better now – I have reading glasses.

I can always take my glasses off and believe whatever I wantI don’t care how old The Husband is, he rocks.  He’s also my hero too.