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Summer Time – It’s A Teen’s Life

School’s out today.  No more studying for finals, no more tests.  Just a long stretch of summer days.

But a lot has changed since the boys were little kids.  For all of us.

Because within a few hours, this is what my house will look like:

Welcome to the hang-out house.  I love it that they’re all so comfortable being here.  

Bear in mind, I do not have tiny girl-feet. My dogs are size 10. So these man shoes are in the neighborhood of size 14 if my tootsies are a guide.

But if the size of the shoes in this pile are any indication of how much they are going to eat, I’d better head to Costco right now.  With the truck. Because I’m going to need food.  LOTS of food.

4 thoughts on “Summer Time – It’s A Teen’s Life”

  1. Happy summer vacation! I want my house to be the “hang-out” house. Now, when they still need help getting their shoes on and later, when their feet are bigger than mine! Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day. xx

  2. Ah, I miss the days when the guys used to hang out at our house. I had one who always managed to stick around for dinner the nights I fried chicken. Empty nesting kinda sucks. Sometimes, not always. Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

    1. Hearing about the empty nest reminds me to enjoy it all. Maybe I’ll go fry some chicken – after all, I’m from Kentucky, I better know how to do that!

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