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Axe the Axe

      Santa, dear Santa It’s that time of year But you showing up Is now my biggest fear   I’m not being critical Of the stuff that you bring In fact, I’ll tell you It’s only one thing   Santa, you know I don’t mean to be mocking But last time you left… Continue reading Axe the Axe

a real mother

The New Rules of the Working Mom Reality

                    Dear Younger Boy and Older Boy, As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve been at your beck and call for the last fourteen years.  I, your faithful indentured servant, have been available 24/7.  No lunch money?  I delivered.  Needed a ride?  I was… Continue reading The New Rules of the Working Mom Reality

a real mother

The Verdict on Junk Food

Trouble was brewing in the cereal aisle. And the one about to incur the wrath was me.  As my ‘tween and teenaged sons stood there, it was clear they were about to make their case with the tenacity of Perry Mason and Atticus Finch.  “See Mom, you were wrong!” Older Boy said shoving the box… Continue reading The Verdict on Junk Food

a real mother

Summer Time – It’s A Teen’s Life

School's out today.  No more studying for finals, no more tests.  Just a long stretch of summer days. But a lot has changed since the boys were little kids.  For all of us. Because within a few hours, this is what my house will look like: Welcome to the hang-out house.  I love it that… Continue reading Summer Time – It’s A Teen’s Life

a real mother

The Truth About Dating

I thought I’d stumbled upon the Watergate story of the Parenting World, complete with an anonymous source.  But there are no break-ins, wiretaps or tapes.  There are no cloak and dagger-style espionage or late night meetings in semi-dark parking garages where my informant is wearing dark glasses and a trench coat.  It was simply through… Continue reading The Truth About Dating


He’ll Always Have Paris

  Almost one year ago, Older Boy announced he wanted to participate in the school language class trip to Europe. The deal was he had to come up with a way to earn half of the $4000 price tag to get there. He spent a good portion of the summer as a street musician where… Continue reading He’ll Always Have Paris

a real mother

It’s A Shock Alright

 thought that upon Older Boy entering the teenage years, parenting would get easier in the sense that it's not that hands-on, high energy, goalie parent thing like when they were little. Har-dee-har-har. What I'm starting to realize is that my job just got much more difficult. Problem is, I remember all the shit I pulled… Continue reading It’s A Shock Alright

a real mother

Learning To Wobble

It's obvious that I've not participated in NaBloNoPo, which challenges bloggers to make a daily post in November.  I've been participating in NoBloInNo (No Blog posts In November) this month during which I've failed make even one post this month.  Outstanding indeed. It's been a bitch of a month of parenting and quite frankly, I just haven't… Continue reading Learning To Wobble