a real mother

Learning To Wobble

It’s obvious that I’ve not participated in NaBloNoPo, which challenges bloggers to make a daily post in November.  I’ve been participating in NoBloInNo (No Blog posts In November) this month during which I’ve failed make even one post this month.  Outstanding indeed.

It’s been a bitch of a month of parenting and quite frankly, I just haven’t had the energy to even think about this.  I thought the high energy days of parenting were long behind me with the toddler years where I played goalie parent. I was mistaken.  I settled, quite happily I might add, into my current role as The Wallet and Car Keys.

But when Older Boy started testing the limits, well, all bets were off.  And it’s a test I feel like I’m failing.

Today in yoga class, oddly enough, the universe spoke to me about parenting through the words of my teacher.  As we all struggled, she told us that she had difficulty with this pose for years.  “You have to learn to let yourself wobble.  Sometimes you might even fall.  But trust that balance will come,” she said regarding this twisting pose which tested our balance.  Those words hit this control freak with great force in terms of parenting.  I am wobbling.  And some days I sure feel like I might hit the ground face first.  I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time with this parenting thing.

So I’m going to let myself learn to wobble in parenting and know that I can’t control everything.  I’m also going to trust balance will come in my parenting.  It’s all I have.

Note: I’ve also been frustrated in dealing with the technical aspects of this site.  People tell me they post comments, yet they never appear or that it’s very difficult to even post a comment.  As a result,  I’m looking into moving this blog to another service.  I will post an update when that happens.