Sock it to Me

With the kids finally back to school, the pressing question during the morning rush is “Mom, where are my socks?” One of my house rules is – if you don’t put it in the laundry basket, it doesn’t get washed. I wash your dirty clothes, I’m not going to look for them too.  I bought plenty of socks before school started.  So I have to admit, I got a little puzzled over the mysterious disappearance of socks on a regular basis.  At first I blamed the washer for eating them.  But upon closer inspection, I have discovered where the blame truly lies. In support of my theory, I present Mom’s Exhibit A – a sockumentary, if you will.
no great surprise here
I suppose it’s thoughtful, really. I don’t have to bend over to pick them up.
I have to admit, I’m curious.
And then, I hit the motherlode: Younger Boy, you are TOTALLY busted.