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Exaggeration – It’s All in the Family

You never forget the first story you write that gets attention.  At that moment, you fully understand the power of the written word.  You know that your words can move people.  And apparently, your words can also get you in trouble.

Because my first memorable writing experience was in second grade. 

The teacher told us to write a story about something that happened in our family.  So I took an event that really did happen, lobbying my parents for a baby sister, and turned it into a family argument.  I was mad at my parents for saying no to my, as I saw it, rational and well-reasoned argument for a sister.  So when my efforts failed, I decided to take my case to a higher court – the classroom.

I figured embellishing a story a bit would make it more memorable and perhaps, more persuasive.  Apparently, it worked.  I’ll never forget watching the teacher’s face  as I read it out loud in front of the class.  I’ll also never forget when she called my parents that night to ask, “Are you people fighting?”

I like to think of it as my first attempt at column writing.

It must have been memorable because my mother saved it.



























So it should have come as no surprise to find that Older Boy utilized the same tools as his mother in drawing his family portrait in kindergarten.














Older Boy did get the number of family members correct.  Our two dogs made an appearance.  However, it appears that Older Boy thought he bore an uncanny resemblance to Bob Marley.  Apparently the child was too short for all the mirrors in our house.

editorial note: I never got that baby sister or any sibling for that matter.  I’m still waiting.

16 thoughts on “Exaggeration – It’s All in the Family”

  1. Don’t you just love it when you run across saved little treasures like your writing. I recently found my 3rd grade autograph book and loved looking through it.

    1. She saves everything – she gave me my baby bracelet from the hospital (which was a handwritten slip of paper inside a tiny plastic bracelet). She also had my first swimsuit – why, I have no idea.

    1. Older Boy pulled a hilarious one in third grade – didn’t get a call but walked in to pick him up right after it happened. He’d taken a Lego dinosaur for show and tell and was having trouble getting it back in the box in one piece. Exasperated, apparently he threw his hands in the air and said, “Arg, that’s it! This dinosaur has erectile dysfunction!” The teacher nearly peed her pants she was laughing so hard in the hall trying to tell us the story.

  2. It is awesome that your mom saved that, it is totally classic. I can already hear that argument in my house in the future!

    Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!

  3. Weird but I already wrote a response about this but it didn’t show up so I’m writing you again………This is truly hilarious….my favourite bit….’dad said shut up”….couldn’t
    have been any clearer….. I still have tears in my eyes……oh I’m going to try to be gentle here, that sibling you’re waiting for….AIN”T GONNA HAPPEN….PLEASE keep writing. Regards Leanne

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