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The Verdict on Junk Food

Trouble was brewing in the cereal aisle. And the one about to incur the wrath was me.  As my ‘tween and teenaged sons stood there, it was clear they were about to make their case with the tenacity of Perry Mason and Atticus Finch.  “See Mom, you were wrong!” Older Boy said shoving the box… Continue reading The Verdict on Junk Food

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Confessions of a Fashion Tween

I've hit that magical age of clothes shopping, when you're no longer able to shop in the Junior department with a straight face but not yet ready to give up the fashion ghost to polyester tiger print slacks, a fanny pack and K-mart slippers and white socks like my grandma used to wear. Because it's… Continue reading Confessions of a Fashion Tween

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Does Hallmark Make a Card?

When I go out of town for a few weeks - I always miss something, REALLY BIG.  Which means I didn't buy any cards, I didn't call anyone to send my heartfelt wishes. To make amends for my error, dear readers, I'm sending my good cheer -a few days late - to you here at… Continue reading Does Hallmark Make a Card?

a real mother

It’s All In The Planning

Dear Older Boy and Younger Boy, It’s hard to believe you’ll both be in high school next year.  People told me how fast this would happen.  I didn’t believe them.  Folks told me a lot of things back then.  But I’m glad no one offered me this child-rearing statistic – how much it would cost… Continue reading It’s All In The Planning

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Mommy Needs A Drink – Part Deux

My Friday?  Surgery to fix Older Boy's broken nose.  Check.  Doctor visit to examine Younger Boy's ankle in cast - referral to orthopedic surgeon. Check.  The Husband, who also blew out a calf muscle last week playing basketball with Younger Boy, down for the count with stomach flu. Check. Mommy needs a drink. Only I… Continue reading Mommy Needs A Drink – Part Deux



his has been an extremely crappy week regarding all things technology. Logging into my computer, I noticed my background was different.  Then a pop-up announces - "Welcome to your new Dell!" Beg pardon? My computer thinks it is new.  I'm confused.  Apparently, so was my computer. I ignore all this and head straight into my… Continue reading Crashing


Sometimes It’s Just A Sandwich

Had you going there, didn't I? It was only a craving. It was just a sandwich. Couldn't happen. I asked for double knots and I got them. Because if I'd waited for The Husband to take care of business, I'd have been knocked up again. Men are so touchy about that sort of thing. But… Continue reading Sometimes It’s Just A Sandwich


What You See Is Not Always What You Get

After The Husband inadvertently sucked a sock into the vacuum cleaner* and promptly killed the motor, I had to go to Costco to buy a new one. This purchase in no way was based on my cleaning expertise. Trust me, I'm the last person you'd want cleaning advice from.** Nor was this purchase based on my… Continue reading What You See Is Not Always What You Get


Frights of Fashion

I thought I had more sense than to do something so foolish. But after dropping off the kids at school, I decided to dash into Wal-Mart for a gallon of milk and dog food. Except I realized that not only was I braless, I was wearing this:   This is not a good look. In… Continue reading Frights of Fashion