a real mother

A Gift To You From A Real Mother

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, this Real Mother would be remiss if she failed to embrace the spirit of giving.

So here’s the deal.

You can download a FREE copy (yes, really FREE) of A Real Mother: stumbling through motherhood for Kindle from May 6 through 10, 2012 at amazon.com .

There’s gotta be a catch, right?

Nope. It’s really free.

I’ll let you in on a little secret.  My first word wasn’t Mama or Dada.  It was free.

I’m not kidding.  You can ask my mother.

I love anything that’s free.  I’m hoping you do too.  So please download a copy.

If you download it and like it, please consider writing a review on the amazon.com page or at Goodreads (or both!)  Tell your friends.  Like A Real Mother on Facebook.  Become a follower of my blog or check back regularly and maybe leave a comment.  Use your imagination.  Whatever you can think of – I appreciate it.

You can read the pre-release reviews here. Readers at amazon.com had some nice things to say too.

Thanks for helping me get the word out about A Real Mother.  You may be A Real Mother, you might have A Real Mother and most likely, you know A Real Mother.  So please, spread the word.

And it’s free.  What do you have to lose?