a real mother

A Real Mother Goes Digital

After beating my head against the wall working for months getting the paperback version of A Real Mother ready for print, you’d think I’d be ready to have myself committed put my feet up, take a break and bask in the glow of finally finishing my book.

Think again.

Because formatting the print version was such a new and exciting challenge for me, I’ve always been a glutton for punishment,  I simply had to do more.  So I decided to take A Real Mother into the digital world.

I’d rather eat my own eyeballs than go through that again.

So I’m relieved delighted to announce the Kindle version of A Real Mother is now available at amazon.com.

Since I’m the Real Mother in Charge author, I made the decision to offer the ebook for the low, low price of 99¢  Because it makes no sense to me that digital books are not priced dramatically lower than those in print and I’d really like everyone on the planet to read it and, of course, love it.  Amazon Prime members can download it absolutely FREE.

Download your very own copy of A Real Mother today. I’ll send you the 99¢.  If you like it, please tell a friend.  If you snorted coffee out your nose while reading it, please tell me.     

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Of course, it should show A Real Mother on this Kindle.  But let me indulge briefly in a little harmless fantasy that the Kindle is showing The New York Times when A Real Mother is on the bestseller list.  A girl can dream big, right?