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How to Clean – The Teenage Years

Who needs a closet when there’s all this great floor space?
Wet bath towel on hundred-year-old hardwood floors. Yeah, that sounds about right.

When Younger Boy was little, I could always find him by following whatever trail he left behind. Not much has changed.

After the dehydration scare, at least he’s drinking something.
Younger Boy returned from the trip requiring this bag a month ago.
What you can’t see in this photo – on the back of the door are two extra-large hooks.
I’m not sure he’s ever made a bed. He may not know how. I have failed miserably.

Neatness has never been his strength.  Most of the time, I overlook it.  I choose my battles and tidiness has never been one of them. In small doses, a little messiness doesn’t ruffle my feathers.

But all of these photos occurred on the same afternoon.

I’m glad there’s not an audio for this photo. I was not happy when I turned around and spotted this food reaching the fossil stage.

After spotting the food nearing fossil formation, it put me over the edge.  I’ve never been particularly good at house cleaning, but I had some definite ideas for what I believed was the proper technique for this project. I think it was quite effective.

Problem solved.

14 thoughts on “How to Clean – The Teenage Years”

  1. Hehehehe…. That’s what I do when it’s time to vacuum their rooms and my pleas for them to find their floor before I arrive with the vacuum have been ignored! Works for me!

  2. I did this to my brother once when we were college roommates. He NEVER cleaned, and it fell to me to do it. After I begged him, he promised to do the dishes for two weeks while I took finals. Finals ended, and I left for three weeks on Christmas break and returned to find the dishes where I left them stacked and rinsed. Talk about gross—over one hundred dishes/glasses/pots/pans/utensils with five weeks of ewwww on them!I informed him that if he did not do them by the time I returned from “drop and add,” then he would find all of them in his bed. It worked, and he did them all. This must be a Southern thing.

    1. This is why I find all things Southern so endearing. Five weeks of yucky dishes, pots and glasses would have been a memorable (not to mention noisy) bedroom accessory. Glad it worked for you!

  3. Sheldon moved home to save money before her wedding. After all the complaining about about what pigs her roommates were, umm calling the kettle black?

  4. My jaw literally dropped when I saw that last picture! I bow to your supreme mothering skills. My kids are not quite old enough for this to work, but I will file it away for later!!

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