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6 Weeks Post-Op Today – Hooray!

The time has flown by and it’s hard to believe that 6 weeks ago today I was in the recovery room about now. I’m starting to forget what the pain like, an eerie similarity to the childbirth experience.

I worked out with a trainer on Tuesday, as a follow-up to my PT, and it was clear that I overdid it. I ended up with an annoying pain in my glute but perhaps it was a good lesson that I am still not back to 100% yet. It is hard to be patient! It is a little scary because I am feeling so good that I forget my hip precautions. Last night was a perfect example. I’d build a fire in the woodstove because it was snowing again (I’m starting to think I live at the North Pole!) and I SQUATTED DOWN without thinking. It freaked me out but fortunately I don’t think I did any damage. I realize that as of today, the 6 week mark, I can test the hip precautions. I just don’t want, or need, to push them to the limits right away.

I also got to see my new “Valentine’s Day bling” at my 5 week xrays, which was pretty cool. The xray tech called it my “hardware.” I sent them off and hope to hear a good report. Not having a medical background, I am clueless what it is supposed to look like so I hope everything is where it needs to be.