a real mother

I have felt so great the last week that I hardly remember that I had surgery, which can be a slight problem since I have one more week of hip precautions to go. I have been walking without assistance and it feels so normal (except for going up the steps). I asked the nurse about it and she said you have to retrain your brain about where your body is in space, which sounds weird to me but it kind of makes sense. He gave me some balance exercises and had me do some strengthing on each leg and that seemed to help. Going up the steps used to hurt so badly – guess my brain still thinks that way.

I was also able to go back to the gym this week – strictly due to logistics, physically I think I could have gone sooner. It definitely added some new dimension to the mall walks – after awhile that gets old. Could do the eliptical trainer for 40 minutes and then I walked outside with a friend. It was one of those beautiful days – a Montana robin’s egg blue sky, sunny and cool – that remind you why you live in Big Sky Country. I actually could not remember the last time I could take a walk without pain or limping so it was simply glorious! I hate to be redundant but I will never take walking for granted again.

This week, I have to go up to the hospital to get my 5 week x-rays to send to Dr. Rogerson. my fingers are crossed that the x-rays look as good as I feel. It will be interesting to finally get a look at my new bionic part.