a real mother

Every Step I Take

Last day at HipHab. Hard to believe it has gone so quickly.

Didn’t feel so great this morning, they warned us there would be roller coaster days and that it is perfectly normal. Not sure why I felt crummy but it was kind of disappointing since I’d felt so terrific the day before. After morning PT, I felt a lot better, guess you have to keep moving.

Desi had me walking on one crutch today which surprised me. She also showed me how to flip the crutch around to use as a cane.

I am fully bearing weight on the surgical leg and there is simply no pain. I wonder if your brain gets hardwired for it because it’s almost like my body is expecting it but it’s just not there. But the pain had been there for so long, with every single step I took, that I can’t quite process the fact that it is gone. I will never take walking for granted again!

I still have a bit of swelling, but practically no bruising at all. The ice packs definitely help keep the swelling down.

I finally got to see the incision after the swimming session – all the staples make it pretty funky looking.

Still don’t have much of an appetite but trying to eat whatever sounds good. I’m not sure if it is the meds or what but by the evening, a few bites are all I can manage.