a real mother

Baby Steps



Every little thing is such a production. From standing up to going to the bathroom, it seems to take forever and I am not one to take my time doing anything. So this is forcing me to slow down which I guess can be a good thing. Maybe it’s a lesson I can carry forward with me, but I can be a pretty slow learner when it comes to that which is good for me.

Yesterday was the first PT out of the hospital and we walked the halls, did the small exercises from our book and learned to do the steps. The steps were unnerving to say the least, I just didn’t think I could do it. But following the “up with the good, down with the bad mantra” I was able to navigate up and down. I was pretty worn out after that session and slept awhile. Naps are my new best friend.

Today, we had our first pool therapy which was beyond incredible. The range of motion you have in the water is so much greater than anything you can on land. The water is warm and comfortable, which is very soothing. A clear, waterproof dressing is applied prior to entering the pool. This also gives the added bonus of being able to shower when you get back to the room. After a few days of navy baths, the shower was absolutely glorious. Clean hair is a wonderful thing!

Of course, it is snowing outside. But it’s Wisconsin so what can you expect. It was a winter storm warning yesterday but when you don’t have to be anywhere, the snow is just fine.

The kids and my folks are doing great and surviving. Thank goodness they all have a sense of humor.