a real mother

Departure Day!

The parental unit arrived late Sunday night to take care of and shuttle the kids while we are gone. I have to just let go (i.e. not worry that it will snow and they won’t be able to get around, or that it is too overwhelming for everyone). For a control freak like me, it is next to impossible not trying to micromanage my world (and everyone in it). But for now, my only job is to get on that plane, get to Wisconsin and get this thing fixed.

I have to admit, I am a basket case as I wait for the plane. It’s just been so long to spend thinking about it that it’s made me more than a little crazy. I know I’m anxious, about having surgery, to get it over with and above all, to feel better. I have mentally worn myself out on this little endeavor and no wonder I am exhausted before I even get out of town.

It’s hard to let go and just take care of myself right now but I’m going to try. Why do moms/women have such a difficult time doing this? It’s as if we embrace our inner two year old who manically screams “Do it myself!!” Why are we so incapable of letting someone else drive the bus for a change?