An Airline Finally Gets It Right

Airlines are often maligned, and in most cases rightly so. Particularly when they charge you $25 to transport your bag (and then promptly lose it) not to mention extorting $9 from a starving, captive in-flight audience for a turkey sandwich. But today let us applaud one airline with a terrific idea that won’t cost a dime – a women’s only bathroom.

That’s right, Japan’s airline, All Nippon Airways, is declaring some of the restrooms on board international flights Weenie-Free Zones. And from those of us who have endured the last hours of a long haul flight with potties that look like the portable ones on the last night of Sturgis, well, all I can say is a heartfelt thank you. The airline has no plans for a men’s only lav because they know most guys would want to see what it’s like to pee out the window at 37,000 ft.

So here’s hoping that other airlines follow this wise lead. And I’m betting they will – once they figure out how to charge us for it.