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Samoa Earthquake

Twenty years ago, The Husband and I were serving as Peace Corps Volunteers in Western Samoa.  On September 30, just before 7 a.m., a massive 8.3 earthquake occured 120 miles from Apia, the capital city where we lived.  The earthquake triggered a tsunami that crashed 20 foot waves into this tiny island nation.  American Samoa was hit just as hard.

The photos and stories recount the shocking devestation.  Thankfully, all 35 of the volunteers currently serving are alive but some had frightening stories to tell, like Erica who is truly lucky to be alive.  Matt’s blog also recounts the aftermath.

We endured a few earthquakes while serving there, as well as Cyclones Gina and Ofa.  But nothing comes close to what the citizens of Samoa have gone through.  But Samoans, and Peace Corps Volunteers, are tough.  They will get through this.  They will survive.