a real mother

Naughty By Nature

had a change of heart regarding my Speaking in Tongues – Part I post and will put it back on the blog in the very near future.  Isn’t the purpose of a blog to have a forum to say exactly what you want?

I am naughty.  A little potty-mouthed.  Downright bawdy at times.  Extremely sarcastic.  A friend once told me (you know who you are) “you are funny because you see the world through smart ass goggles.”

So this is my place to be an even bigger smart ass.

Virginia Woolf needed a room of her own.  I need a place to say the f-word, or any other combination of  words I choose.

So there.

It’s just like my theory on television and censorship – if you don’t like it, you can always change the channel. Or turn it off.

But I’m really hoping you won’t.