a real mother

Out with the Old


As you will notice, I have not been writing – this is why. That’s right it’s home improvement time. I started with the downstairs bathroom, which looked like it had been finished with whatever was on sale. Functional but an ugly melange of flooring and counter tops. Not that I’m all that into aesthetics.So since the toilets were 20 years old, rusted and leaky we decided to go for it. Visitors were not allowed to use the bathroom without detailed instructions – “First, you turn the water on for the toilet, use the rusty handle. Here’s the toilet brush and the plunger. When you flush, pray. Then get ready to run.” Needless to say we don’t have many friends anymore.So here I am disconnecting the sink and unhooking the vanity from the wall. I am just glad there’s no soundtrack with this photo, because I’d have to include a parental advisory here. Now looking at the picture I realize it looks like either I was severely injured in the process of doing so or a homicide has taken place in the cabinet. I will spare you the disgusting task of pulling the toilet. It was just as foul as one would imagine.As a total fan of HGTV, I was disappointed to discover that this project was not magically finished in the 30 minutes it takes for me to watch a show. They so lie.