a real mother

Hitting the Wall

Once again, after feeling so great, I had my hit the wall day that they’d warned me about. Joanna said that most people report experiencing it at day 9 (which was my travel day so thankfully it didn’t happen then). But I guess I was too buzzed on adrenaline to have it then.

I got up for awhile and then it hit me hard and I just had to go back to bed, which is just not like me. But I’ve learned to listen to my body and do what it needs. Glad I have that luxury right now with mom and dad still here. I just felt exhausted and not strong at all. But by the afternoon, I was feeling much better.

Sadly, I made the mistake of stepping on the scale in the afternoon. Bad idea. I kind of figured that since I’ve not been eating or had much of an appetite, I’d have lost weight. However, I was oh so wrong. I actually weighed 10 pounds more than when I left which was majorly depressing. I’ll just tell myself that the BHR implant weighed 11 pounds, so I’m really down one.

That also reminds me, I’ve had to instruct the kids not to tell people that I got an implant and went to rehab!