Starting and maintaining a website has been a part-time job. Throw in learning to point domain names and write a line or two of code. Add writing blog content in addition to a regular newspaper column and you’ve got a recipe for not only writer’s block, but writer’s panic. But I have to tell you, it’s all been worth it. Because suddenly my blog has become more popular than I ever imagined.

With robots.

I hear that’s how Stephenie Meyer got her start with the vampires and all.

It’s kind of exciting to click on the stat report each morning to see who has been reading my words. Let me tell you, it’s almost like those robots like it so much they’re telling other robots about it. And I’m feeling the love because my robot hits outnumber real, live human being visits by a good 4 to 1. While the robots just don’t seem comfortable enough to make comments like my real life readers, I know they’re out there. And I appreciate their support.

Stephenie, you can have your vampires. Because the robots, they love me.