I’m A Real Mother

Welcome to my world.

I’m a transplanted Southern girl, who will never be confused with a Southern belle, living in Big Sky Country.  After working as a lifeguard, a Peace Corps Volunteer, a middle school teacher, a Hickory Farms girl, a switchboard operator, a front desk clerk at a hotel featuring the Fashion Don’t uniform consisting of a tacky brown, three piece polyester suit with a bow tie, and finally, an attorney (but don’t hold that against me), I am uniquely qualified to do absolutely nothing.

That’s why I write.

Of course, I thought becoming a full-time mom would change all that.  But when I traded in my Legal Brief Case to become the Diva of Domesticity I discovered I was even more clueless than even I thought was possible.

Sixteen years later, I’m still parentally challenged.

I suspect I’m not alone.  On my blog, you’ll get the whole truth and nothing but the truth. These are the mostly true tales of this wild ride of middle-aged parenthood.  And I make no effort here to clean it up.  It’s me, uncensored.

I’m an award winning columnist for the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.  I’ve even managed to sucker some big name publications, like Family Circle, Parents, Funny Times and American Profile into publishing my stuff.  I even wrote a book.  My new baby  book, A Real Mother: stumbling through motherhood, is finally here.  It’s available in Bozeman at the Country Bookshelf and online at amazon.com.  It’s also available for Kindle.

My home is a high-testosterone Jackass episode with The Boys, The Husband and my two fur children, the shelter pups.  I’m the only one who lives here without a penis, but I don’t care.  I more than make up for that by being deeply in the throes of peri-menopause.  So far, I’m winning.

My goal is to keep it that way.

If you are new to my site, here are a few posts to introduce you to my world:

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A Very Close Call

Thanks for stopping by. And please, be bold and jump in with a comment.  I double dog dare you.

What I probably shouldn’t tell you is that I live for comments. Really. I’m that attention-deprived.


  1. I just finished reading your book and I absolutely loved it! Having raised a very challenging child by myself, but being from a family of 12 kids everything was spot on! My daughter’s 25 and I laughed so hard because she will call for advice /information just to argue and tell me I’m wrong still. My mom had six kids under six at one time as a stay at home mom. I had a mantra when I wanted to strangle mine, “my mom let 12 of us live I can let 1.” I had to keep reading things to my hubby until I finally just told him he should put it on his kindle and read the whole book. Thanks for entertaining me.

  2. As another southern girl living in Big Sky country, I look forward to following your blog! I will also check out your new book on Kindle!

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